Share your erotic stories with us!

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Our erotic stories

Erotic stories are a huge turn on for me and Daniel. When I was younger I would write down what I wanted to do and fantasize about certain things by putting them onto paper. I am very lucky that Daniel is very open-minded and is eager to make most of my fantasies a reality.

I will share with you our real erotic stories and experiences related to swingers lifestyle, polyamory, threesomes, and much more.

I also hope to write about some of my biggest fantasies that I am yet to fulfill but still turns me on just thinking about. The stories are 100% real unless stated otherwise.

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Share your erotic stories with us

If you have a story/opinion/fantasy that you would like to share feel free to send us an e-mail at We will get in touch with you to verify the stories before posting them.

If you are ready to open up about your own experience, we are ready to listen!

We do have a few guidelines:

  • Share your own story (the real experience)unless it is a fantasy- let us know!
  • Be honest, You can still be anonymous.
  • Share only experiences related to the lifestyle (swingers, polyamory, fetish, threesome, orgies,).
  • Write at least 400 words. The more you share, the more helpful it is to others.

Some of the content that is written by friends and readers of the blog, it’s impossible to know if every detail is real, but we will do our checks and ask lots of questions to make sure it’s happened.

Any story that contains text about Minors, Rape, Animals, or any other illegal activity will not be posted.

If you have any suggestions or comments just send us an e-mail or through the comments on any of our articles. We are very friendly bloggers who are happy to hear from anyone who enjoys our content.

Lots of love!
Sofia and Daniel

PS: If you don’t like our content, don’t be rude. Just respect open-minded people. If you don’t like it just go and play some casino games, we suggest this one to you.