Meet Us: What you should know before writing to us


We are always happy to meet new open-minded people. We mentioned that in many articles. However, we don’t meet with everybody. A lot of people wrote to us and they were very direct and aggressive. This is not our style. We see sex as an experience, not like a work-out. For this reason, we thought to write this article to make things easier for you and for us.

  • We don’t meet any single man unless we have met you already at some party or we played already together in the past. So, no point in writing to us, if you are a single man and we don’t know you.
  • We travel a lot but we spend most of our time in Europe. If you are from a European country, there is a better chance to meet us after few days or weeks after you reaching us. If you write from the USA, it will need to be a bit more planned in advance. We go regularly to the USA, so to meet it is definitely possible but more planning is needed.
  • We never meet just to have sex. Our ideal date is a nice dinner, maybe a drink, and if there is chemistry have some fun together. Sex is never the first thing we do.
  • If you are a couple or a bisexual female, you are more than welcome to write to us.
  • When you write to us, it would be great if you would tell us more about you. We would love to know where you are from, your story, and your likes. Also, if you have some photos to share, it would be great (we can do the same of course). Also if you have an SDC profile please send us the URL link, so we can have a look at it and contact you with our SDC profile. So you will be able to know us better and see some naughty photos of us. If we like each other, we can exchange the mobile number or WhatsApp and we can set up a date.

If you like what you just read, please email us!